Trades for noisecore or unclassifiable oddities may be arranged.

We are always interested in co-releases, mostly for noisecore 7″.

Questions and orders to : doofundoodoo @ gmail.com

Poço Discos releases discos do poço exclusively.


Same tracks from split with Sete Star Sept repeating on both sides.

Edition of 210.

1.00 € + postage or free with any order, just ask for a copy.



poço008 – MADRE COCA / ERECTILE DEMENTIA 7” (co-release with No Fucking Labels!, Equinox Discos, Evil Distro and Backwoods Butcher)

Primitive rock n´roll abominations from Kentucky by the mighty Doug Long (Hellnation, Brody´s Militia, Funerary Box, Backwoods Butcher Records and Invocation of Obscene Gods zine) meets deranged no-fi devastation from Berlin by the same maniacs who are involved in Devoured Christ, Nameless Tomb or Temple of Adoration zine. Intermittent explosive disorder.

Edition of 300.

5.00 € + postage


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